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Sam and the Boogie Man Children Book


Comes with a small free "wishing stone ."

Autographed Copy by Ericka Boussarhane, Author


"Sam and the Boogie Man" is a wonderful tale of a little boy that conquers his fears of the boogie man in his closet. Sam begins the story sleeping with his parents in their over crowded bed.


As the story continues, Sam tries several ideas to rid his closet of the boogie man. After all else fails, Sam uses music to cause the boogie man to boogie away. The whole family will enjoy this funny and empowering story.


Great for children with nightmares or night tremors!


This is a good book for Indigo Kids, Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Crystal Kids, ADD, ADHD, Behavioral problems, dyslexia, autism, psychic kids, star children, psychic kids, learning difficulties, and more. This is a must have in your child's book collection!

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